SOX Compliance

Bloated SOX controls waste time and money. But how do you know how much is enough—and how much is too much?

We see how all kinds of companies—private as well as public—are approaching SOX, and we talk with everyone from Big 4 firms to internal auditors, so we have a well-rounded view of best practices (and not-so-good ones).

A fresh, objective set of eyes on your controls can reveal flaws you don’t see from the inside and allow external auditors to rely on third-party work, keeping audit fees down.

RoseRyan gurus work around your work flows, delivering clean, accurate reports. And where those who are less experienced might say the sky is falling—or downplay errors that have far-reaching effects—we know exactly how to frame issues and communicate with your auditors and audit committee. You get minimal disruptions and smoother audits.

Think your emerging growth company doesn’t really “need” SOX? Consider this: if you’re shooting for an IPO or a sale, SOX readiness work—tailored to your situation—can put you in a much stronger position, improving valuation and leaving your books squeaky clean.

Along with our good judgment, we bring these skills to the control table:

  • Project management
  • Scoping and risk analysis
  • Controls design
  • Testing, assessments and remediation assistance
  • Walkthroughs for reliance by auditors

Whenever we need a helping hand with SOX testing, I know I can depend on RoseRyan to get the job done right. I have confidence in working with them because they ensure that their team delivers a high-quality work product and stands behind that promise. RoseRyan’s professionals I have worked with in the past are subject-matter experts who bring unique insights into the audit process and can be counted on to focus on the risks that matter and ask on-target questions.

What truly sets RoseRyan apart for me is the exceptional level of service RoseRyan provides over time. The client manager is responsive and proactive to my needs; she listens carefully to ensure we get matched up with the right person with the right expertise. I also like how she stays in touch throughout the process and afterward. I appreciate the continued check-ins long after the work has been completed—to chat about new challenges I may be facing, what’s coming around the corner and in general staying in contact to make sure I have the support I need to be successful. That kind of personal attention lets me know I am valued as a client.

Robin Maniglia
Director, Internal Audit