Small Business

Running on the fumes of your last capital infusion? Got money but not sure where it’s going? Firing on all cylinders and growing like crazy? Whatever stage you’re in, the RoseRyan dream team can whip you into financial shape for your next step.

Envision this: you never miss out on a big opportunity because of gaps in finance and accounting. Senior finance pros are on hand to help you reach milestones and nail business objectives. You have a team of pros who can scale with your growing business. You’re ready for anything. That’s what it’s like when the RoseRyan gurus get through with you.

We can be your CFO—or the accounting department behind your CFO. Small businesses bring us in to:

  • Help develop business plans and financial models
  • Arrange bank and asset-based financing
  • Facilitate equity financings
  • Support the board of directors and provide financial analysis
  • Handle cash flow and risk management
  • Implement and administer benefits programs
  • Manage day-to-day accounting and general business administration
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Work with your business partners – attorneys, auditors, tax professionals and banks

Learn how RoseRyan helped a high tech startup by providing modeling and analysis to enable rapid growth, get significant debt financing and more in this project profile.

Able to see the big picture yet impeccable with all the details—that’s what you want from an outsourced accounting team and that’s what we got from RoseRyan. The RoseRyan team put us on the right track by setting us up with a solid infrastructure and an efficient workflow to accommodate our growth. They served as our accounting team very capably through various stages, from our early startup days to our acquisition six years later. They became a critical part of our company, handling not only the accounting but also a steady stream of management reports and board packages for strategic decision-making. I relied on their exceptional insights, accounting acumen and extensive network for guidance on where to turn for other services we needed along the way. With RoseRyan, I fully trusted the information I received, and I knew I could tap into the collective intelligence of the entire firm when necessary. I highly recommend RoseRyan.

Anil D. Jha
Founder and former CEO HydroNovation