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The dream team is always coming up with better solutions for sticky finance problems. Here you'll find useful insights on emerging growth challenges, building a solid finance infrastructure, tricky regulations and other issues we geek out on.

Revenue recognition playbook | Report
Finance teams face some game-time decisions. Any company transitioning to the FASB’s new revenue recognition standard is dealing with a shrinking timeline, uncertain impacts and a flurry of interpretations over what the changes mean. In this essential guide for GAAP followers, RoseRyan, rev rec coaches and finance experts Diana Gilbert and Pat Voll lay out a game plan and set up companies for a smooth implementation. Download the report

5 ways to become a superstar controller | Report
Controllers who stand out from the pack look at transactions not only through their accounting filter but consider the broader commercial needs of the company, too. This report, by interim controller Cheri Koehler, goes through the key ways superstar controllers earn their status by putting on their strategic hats and looking beyond the numbers in all that they do. Download the report

A CFO guide for managing resources | Report
Is it time to curb expenses or is it full speed ahead as the company chases after growth? Plans are always changing, making the CFO's job of managing resources a constant challenge. This report, by seasoned CFO Stephen Ambler, goes through the essentials, from fine-tuning plans and monitoring cash flow to getting the right talent and rightsizing systems. Download

Navigating the business lifecycle | Report
Where is your company along the business lifecycle? Is it just starting up, growing at full tilt, expanding through an acquisition or IPO, or evolving through the ups and downs that face large enterprises? After working with hundreds of companies for more than 20 years, we’ve picked up on patterns and the typical finance needs that hit companies along every stage of the business lifecycle. This RoseRyan report explores the four stages that businesses typically travel through, the finance challenges of each stage, plus real-life examples of companies that have blasted through the obstacles that stood in their way. Download the report

The IPO journey: 6 potential obstacles to avoid for a smooth trip | Report
Going public is quite a trip—and very different from actually "being" a public company. The frenzied IPO transaction time is just one short stage in the long journey toward becoming a successful business that has well-established processes and slick efficiencies. Too often, top executives underestimate the extensive work involved in completing the IPO journey (and the fact it could take two to four years). They end up making blunders that can block the company's growth, burn out employees and hold back the business. This RoseRyan paper reveals 6 commonly overlooked areas that stymie leaders of fast-moving companies as they strive for that "being" public status. Download the report

Quick guide to revenue recognition
The runway toward adopting the new revenue recognition rules is foggy. Many companies are waiting for a nudge for takeoff, not quite sure how to proceed. This report gives companies a starting point, explaining who should be involved, what areas of the company could be impacted and how to move forward. Put these plans into action, and you’ll be setting up your company for as smooth a ride as possible. Download the report

Ensuring a smooth ride as a newly public company | Report
In the transitional time between making an initial public offering and actually hitting one’s stride as a public company sit potential roadblocks. In this report, RoseRyan director Kelley Wall presents the critical risky areas newly public companies need to conquer in their first year or two, as they prepare their first regulatory filings, set up their disclosure committees, evaluate their resources and communicate with investors. Download the report

A guide for high-growth CFOs | Report
Those managing the finances at high-growth companies face special challenges as they aim to keep speeding ahead in the right direction. Any competition, legacy systems and marketplace demands will constantly try to slow them down. This report examines how CFOs can navigate through the strong winds and fast-moving seas of business by developing a hyper-efficient finance team, one that is empowered with a strong sense of collaboration and shared goals. Download the report

Share price survey results 2013 | Report
Is your company optimizing your share price or valuation with a real and manageable strategy? RoseRyan and partner Assay Investor Perspectives informally polled over 20 silicon valley senior finance executives to learn about their focus and strategies. Download the report | Read the blog

The chaos chronicles | Report
Even the best and brightest can get mired in chaotic business situations: it's sometimes beyond your control. This report tells real-world tales of chaos caused by market instability, business transitions, funding uncertainty, changes in corporate strategy and finance talent shortfalls—and provides strategies for avoiding or recovering from a similar fate.

Best practices in understanding & increasing your company valuation | Webinar
RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan joins Assay Founding Partner Adrian Bray to uncover the science of increasing company valuation. This webinar, originally presented in October 2013, identifies key factors that affect a company's valuation, helps you set strategies to take valuation beyond the benchmark and covers how basic financial practices can impact valuation.

Optimizing your liquidity event | Seminar
Our panel of experts will help you maximize the profitability—and minimize the pain—of your future IPO or M&A with practical advice for managing processes, avoiding primary deal killers, preparing accounting and reporting, and creating employee incentives while avoiding tricky equity situations. Watch the video. | Download the slides.

Wanted: finance superstars | Report
Finding and keeping finance talent is more important than ever. And in an increasingly competitive environment, only strategic thinkers equipped to make business decisions will do. This report describes dream finance hires and provides tips on keeping them from viewing your company as a stepping stone to a career with your competitor.

Powering your business with QuickBooks | Webcast
Too busy managing your business to get your small business finances into QuickBooks? Check out the CFO Learning webcast “Powering Your Business with QuickBooks,” led by RoseRyan guru Cindy Nathan. Learn how to get your accounting up and running swiftly and easily, and create meaningful financial statements from the moment your system is set up.

Audit time? Don’t sweat it | Report
Discovering that you've got technical accounting issues or messy or missing documentation on the eve of—or during—an audit can jeopardize financing and steer your business off course. Don't let a lack of preparedness trigger an avalanche of audit costs and missed opportunities. This report provides tips on scaling the audit Everest with breath to spare.

Stock options: do you have a problem? | Report
Your company's equity compensation accounting system is fine—or is it? Finding out you have an issue on the brink of a major event can cost your company money and time, lead to restatements and increase auditors' scrutiny. This report tells you what to watch for and how to get clean.

IPO bound? New strategies, new ideas and tips for success | Seminar
Watch the video of our recent live seminar, or download the slides. You'll get legal, audit and accounting perspectives from experts at RoseRyan, Ernst & Young and Fenwick & West on what it takes to get your IPO right and how to avoid unforeseen challenges. Watch the video. | Download the slides.

Boost your business’s value | Report
Entrepreneurs can't influence today's uncertain macroeconomic situation, but they can do plenty to position their businesses to pounce when the time is right. RoseRyan brought together Silicon Valley's sharpest finance, investment analysis, business strategy and legal minds to discuss strategies for smelling sweet while sweating out the current climate of skepticism. This report distills their advice on scoring a high valuation in any economy.

Equity compensation–End-to-end strategies for private companies | Seminar
Get insights from our recent seminar on real-world equity comp strategies, choosing the right equity comp vehicles, avoiding common pitfalls and making the most of an IPO or M&A. Watch the full-length video of our four Silicon Valley experts' guidance from legal, accounting, HR and customer perspectives. Watch the video. | Download the slides.

Valuation metrics and drivers in today’s economy | Seminar
Get insights from four sharp Silicon Valley thinkers on understanding the valuation equation and analyst and investor perspectives by watching the video of our recent Silicon Valley seminar. Learn about developing a valuation strategy, avoiding mistakes and deal breakers and more. Watch the video. | Download the slides.

Strategic finance in action | Report
Silicon Valley is no place for bean counters. The dynamic companies that thrive here rely on a flexible, business-savvy finance team to stay ahead of the game. For this report we dug into our collection of real-life examples to show how strategic finance in four key areas can drive success.

XBRL: It’s time to get real | Seminar
Did you miss our May program? Here are slides for that seminar, which feature accounting, legal and audit secrets from the trenches. You'll get concise, practical advice and plenty of real-world examples from presenters Lucy Lee, RoseRyan; David Lynn, Morrison & Foerster; and Natalie Zimmer, Ernst & Young.

ERM: not just for the big guys | Report
Many a midsize business hears “ERM” and thinks, “Too complicated. Too expensive. Not for us.” But a right-sized ERM program can rescue your company from disaster and make decision making smarter and more strategic—without becoming a giant time- and money-eating monster. See how that can happen in our report.

M&A: Get what you bargained for | Report
It's easy to get distracted by a hot acquisition's sleek exterior and miss the engine that's about to blow. Think the lawyers will protect you? Think again—they do legal due diligence. Every aspect of an acquisition's operations merits your prying eyes. This report tells you which tires to kick—and how hard.

Are you ready for convergence? | Report
Long-awaited (dreaded?) global accounting standards are finally upon us—and they'll affect almost every aspect of your business, from compensation to leasing decisions to information systems. This report gives you the lowdown on current proposals, continuing debates and smart moves to make right now.

Ace your IPO filing | Report
The market's right and your business is in prime IPO shape—you're ready to file. Now it's just a matter of some paperwork, right? Alas, no. Plenty of details can still trip you up. This guide, part two of our two-part IPO series, lays out an S-1 filing process that will deliver you safely to your road show.

IPO in your future? | Report
Many a promising company has missed their IPO runway because they tripped over finance messes. In most cases, the catastrophe could have been avoided with some savvy advance work. Get insight into the most common hazards—and how to deal with them—in this guide.

Debt demystified | Report
If you've decided to take the plunge into debt financing to fuel your company's growth, this guide's for you. Geared mainly toward private technology companies, it covers debt structures and terms, what to watch out for, evaluating loan proposals and building a strong lender relationship.

Debt is good (sometimes) | Report
You've already begged. You can't steal. Is it time to borrow? Our guide, geared to private technology companies, helps you see whether debt financing is right for you, what your loan options are and what types of lenders are a good match.

Biotech tax credit top issues: Q&A with RoseRyan | Article
Last fall, quite a few Bay Area biotech companies got big grant or tax credit awards from the federal Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project program. In this article for BayBio, RoseRyan explains how recipients can make sure they get the proper credit and their accounting passes audit muster.

Revenue recognition: 8 key questions for life sciences companies | Article
Rev rec isn't a hot topic at most biotech companies, but rule changes and the marvelous complexity of life sciences revenue arrangements make it essential that executives at least know what questions to ask. RoseRyan guru Maureen Earley tells you what to ask in this BayBio guest column.

Make a match made in heaven | Report
Think your company might want to be acquired? Hoping to grow through strategic acquisitions? M&A activity is heating up again—make sure you're ready when that unbeatable offer or amazing buy comes along. Our guide outlines smart moves for both buyers and sellers—and why it pays to understand how the other half thinks.

Rev rec’s apples and oranges | Report
The final challenge in adopting the new rev rec rules is dealing with the hangover of reporting hassles in comparing pre- and post-adoption data. Our guide helps you avoid headaches by walking you through options for providing financial reports that will satisfy executives, investors and analysts alike.

Does rev rec compute? | Report
You may be willing (well, obligated) to comply with the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines, but your accounting system is likely to take a dive when it gets hit with the relative selling price method affected companies are required to use. Sorry we don't have better news, but we can offer you our guide to evaluating system capabilities and finding a solution.

Priced to sell | Report
What's the market value of something that's never sold on its own? That's not a riddle—it's a question many companies have to answer, and soon. New revenue recognition rules require you to estimate the selling price of each piece in a product bundle—whether it's sold on its own or not. This guide provides a framework for tackling the challenge.

OMG! Rev rec is coming! | Report
If you're on a calendar year, you're under orders to adopt new rules on revenue recognition by January 1, 2011. Don't freak out—just prepare. This guide will help you start addressing such existential questions as: Are they talking about us? Is it our lucky day? Is the price right? And is it better to look forward or back?

Blueprint for growth: building a smart finance infrastructure | Report
No start-up or growth company wants to spend money on finance. But you know what really hurts? A mysterious cash leak. Or an equity accounting problem that derails your IPO. Or having to spend a lot of money to clean up your accounting so you can pass an audit. This guide outlines a cost-effective strategy to prevent such finance meltdowns.

Roadmap for growth: business information systems that grow with you | Article
Business information systems need to be just the right size—not too big or too small, too simple or too complex—so you can avoid expensive messes, keep a handle on costs and be ready for all kinds of opportunities. This article, the fourth in a series in BayBioNotes, helps you suss out needs for all stages of growth.

Roadmap for growth: right resources, right systems, right time | Article
Outside service providers and consultants can be invaluable and cost-effective—especially if you're an emerging company. To help you save money (and who doesn't want that?), RoseRyan provides a few tips on getting the right talent at the right time. This is the third article in a series in BayBioNotes.

Roadmap for growth: finance infrastructure nuts and bolts for startups | Article
In article 2 of a series in BayBioNotes, we describe the roadmap for building a solid accounting, finance and administrative infrastructure from pre-funding stage activities through an M&A, IPO or secondary offering.

Roadmap for growth: right resources, right systems, right time | Article
Our gurus take a no-nonsense approach to building a finance architecture that will give your startup what it takes to grow. This article is the first in a series running in BayBioNotes.

What’s rev rec all about, anyway? | Article
September's FASB rule changes for bundled products have furrowed the brow of many a finance exec in Silicon Valley. But never fear: RoseRyan senior accounting guru Kelley Wall explains it all for you in this concise report.

M&A targets should start their engines | Article
Despite the recession, there is M&A activity—but now acquiring companies are being even pickier about their prospects' finances. What's a target company to do? Check out our M&A prep list of simple things to do now.

Want a piece of the ARRA stimulus funding? | Article
Companies that want to take advantage of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act can't sit around with their hands in their pockets. To help, RoseRyan and the legal pros at Sonnenschein developed the Stimulus Accelerator Program. Learn more about the possibilities here.

Don’t panic: here’s the scoop on fair value accounting | Article
The recent brouhaha over mark-to-market accounting is largely overblown, says RoseRyan technical consultant Kelley Wall. The FASB's pronouncement is merely common sense. Here's her advice.

SEC guru breaks down FAS141R | Report
Our SEC superstar Maureen Earley sums up everything you need to know in this two-page distillation of FAS141R. She covers the rules for transaction costs, restructuring, in-process R&D and contingencies.