Project profiles

What exactly do we mean when we talk about turning out flawless finance work, whipping your processes into shape, seeing beyond the cubicle, tapping the brain trust?

Well, since you ask … these project profiles are snapshots of gurus in action: the missions they’ve accepted, the challenges they’ve faced elbows-deep into the work and the results they’ve delivered. After nearly 20 years in Silicon Valley’s finance trenches, we’ve seen it all—and made it all better. This is just a sampling.

Discretion prevents us from using some client names (finances may be the only thing people still want to keep private), but these are true tales, and they provide enough detail for you to see how these situations relate to yours.

Supporting NatureBox through skyrocketing growth
NatureBox was experiencing skyrocketing growth and bursting at the seams. The accounting organization was struggling to keep pace with the company’s explosive growth, and needed financial leadership. We sent in an interim CFO to lead NatureBox’s fledgling finance team, and an accountant to shore up the ranks. There was a lot to do, from keeping up with the day-to-day accounting, putting new processes into play, and prepping the company for its first audit.
Industry: Consumer foods | Service area: Small business, interim finance, audit support

Making the move to GAAP for better financial reporting
Using a fairly simple revenue model, a Silicon Valley trade association had tooled along with a modified cash basis of accounting for nearly 100 years. But this account­ing method did not correctly reflect the string of large investments the nonprofit had recently made in its IT infrastructure.
Industry: Membership-based | Service area: Interim finance, Strategic projects

Remote accounting aces for Nemus Bioscience
Nemus Bioscience, a Southern California development-stage company that’s hot on the trail of developing cannabis-based therapeutics that could alleviate certain medi­cal conditions, had just hired a new finance chief. Overseeing a one-woman finance team (i.e., just herself) in a four-person company, CFO Liz Berecz had a tough assignment that she knew would require more resources. Through a reverse merger, the small business would quickly become a public company, taking on all the compliance requirements and tight deadlines that go along with that status.
Industry: Life sciences | Service area: Small business, corporate governance, strategic projects

Expert equity accounting smooths steep growth
A rapidly growing tech firm was scrambling to bring talent on board and manage a wide variety of equity grants. The finance team lacked expertise in stock-based compensation and was too busy to install an automated system. RoseRyan stepped in and developed a system that let the team manage a high volume of grants manually, and handled the complex accounting involved.
Industry: High tech | Service area: Startup and emerging growth

Helping a startup navigate early-stage growing pains
Juggling an office move, legal paperwork and setting up accounts from scratch, a technology startup called RoseRyan for advice. As the workload mounted, the client asked RoseRyan to take over managing the books. RoseRyan got the accounts in hand—and came up with smart ways to save money and minimize hassles.
Industry: High tech | Service area: Startup

Speedily fixing lax close meets acquirer’s demands
A company on the verge of an acquisition called RoseRyan in a panic: it needed to compress its normal book close from 30 to 5 days, and its accounting department was leaving. RoseRyan assembled a crack team to reconcile long-neglected accounts, then met the acquirer’s 5-day close demand and provided post-acquisition integration support.
Industry: High tech | Service area: Mergers & acquisitions

Acing complex rev rec for high tech on a growth path
A company facing a critical first audit called RoseRyan when it had suspicions about the accounting for revenue a consultant had performed. Sure enough, the work had to be redone. The RoseRyan guru established an approach, went through every old contract, settled complex arrangements and got the client ready for a smooth audit.
Industry: High tech | Service area: Revenue recognition

Taming out-of-control books for a smooth audit
A fast-growing private high tech company needed a critical external audit—but the books were in disarray. RoseRyan got the accounts spic-and-span for the audit, established proper documentation and then got them through two subsequent audits. The company is now ready for a high-profile acquisition.
Industry: High tech | Service area: Audit support

Crafting a SOX program to deliver lasting benefits
A fast-growing tech company facing its first audit needed a SOX program that was efficient, cost effective and sustainable. RoseRyan delivered a clean initial SOX report, then refined and optimized controls as the company grew. The program proved to be so effective that the company opted to keep the controls in place after going private.
Industry: High tech | Service area: SOX, compliance

Building the finance framework to power a U.S. launch
RoseRyan helps a foreign company experiencing explosive growth position itself to launch its U.S. franchise, building its U.S. finance department, setting up systems, creating budgeting and financial models, advising on financial and legal structures and more.
Industry: Entertainment | Service area: Emerging growth

Boosting resources during downsizing
A top-notch controller helps pilot the client through a refocusing of the business and a dramatic downsizing, reducing expenses and increasing cash on hand while helping the CFO focus on critical business needs such as raising capital.
Industry: Life sciences | Service areas: Controller, compliance

Growing from bootstrap startup to big-time player
A sure-handed CFO helps a promising startup operation grow into a significant player by securing debt financing, addressing compliance issues and providing decision-making support to every corner of the organization.
Industry: High tech | Service areas: Emerging growth, CFO, compliance

Calming the chaos of post-acquisition close
RoseRyan responds to an emergency call from a client needing an extremely fast year-end close after two acquisitions and the abrupt loss of key finance personnel. The guru delivers on time and helps implement a new accounting system that integrates the three companies.
Industry: Life sciences | Service area: Interim finance specialists

Bringing a strategic edge to finance organization
A guru tapped as senior finance help steps up to overhaul the company’s SOX compliance process and boost organizational efficiency, delivering cost savings and freeing the controller for more strategic thinking.
Industry: Life sciences | Service areas: Senior accounting, SOX

Sailing through tricky IPO waters and new SEC regs
A RoseRyan IPO expert anticipates SEC questions, advises on new reporting guidance and disclosure requirements, addresses technical issues and fields accounting and disclosure concerns, helping the client go public without a hitch—and with best practices in place.
Industry: High tech | Service areas: IPO, SEC compliance

Spinning off a cleantech company and acing the audit
Our finance pros prepare an S-1 stand-alone filing for a U.S. spin-off from an international company—and in the process, convert the books from IFRS to GAAP. The newly minted company aces its audit and launches with fully compliant books.
Industry: Cleantech | Service areas: Strategic finance, compliance