Private Equity

Private equity firms drive value creation for their portfolio companies. Now PE firms and their portfolio companies have an experienced financial partner to help them translate strategy into smart financial decisions, into value creation. The RoseRyan Private Equity process starts with the PE firm’s strategic plan, using the plan to develop financial and operational capabilities—geared to fully support the business strategy. RoseRyan Private Equity completes the process by offering experienced, hands-on finance leadership, integrated with your management, to execute the plan. Our finance aces are used to working though times of rapid change and company transformation. With over 15 years of experience working directly for PEs and their portfolio companies and over 20 years serving as CFOs, the RoseRyan PE professionals have seen it all and know how to get things done.

Gain peace of mind knowing that our finance experts will embrace the overall strategy, work seamlessly with you, your management team, board of directors and investors, and will support the process to a successful conclusion. Like you, we take a multi-year view, and like you, we’ll take on any challenge and level of complexity to get a portfolio company over the finish line.

The RoseRyan Private Equity service provides value in these ways:


Financial Operations


We ensure effective company decision-making by:

  • Providing proven, action-oriented CFO services
  • Driving alignment of key priorities and programs
  • Using performance-based financial metrics
  • Measuring and reviewing results as a team
  • Enabling robust, responsive internal processes

We ensure that the financials are running smoothly by:

  • Improving finance and accounting systems and processes
  • Providing trained resources if needed
  • Providing key measurements and metrics
  • Designing appropriate internal controls
  • Meeting all compliance and reporting requirements

We bring extensive experience in change management including:

  • Mergers
  • Divestitures
  • Restructuring
  • Take private
  • Integration

As RoseRyan PE clients, PE firms and their portfolio companies also have access to a full complement of specialized financial skills and trained experts, available when and where needed, to achieve their unique, strategic objectives. Think of it as surge capacity. Rely on our experience to lead the finance and governance efforts that will unlock the value of your portfolio companies.

To find out how RoseRyan can help you and your portfolio companies, please contact:

Chris Vane
510.456.3056 x 169

Fact sheets

To find out how RoseRyan can help you and your portfolio companies, please contact:

Chris Vane
510.456.3056 x 169

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