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Our take from the trenches on the latest FASB updates and what you need to know (webinar)
Don't drown in the never-ending set of new accounting pronouncements. We've synthesized the latest on the new FASB standards, SEC rulemaking updates, and comment letter trends for you in this fast-paced 90 minute recorded webinar. Discover the key changes with revenue recognition, the new leasing rules, what you should be doing now, and how your company may be effected. Download Slides. Watch replay...

ACG M&A Conference
Join RoseRyan execs at ACG's M&A Conference on March 2nd here in San Francisco. This summit is held annually for over 400 M&A professionals, LPs, investment bankers, attorneys, and more. Read more.


Don’t go it alone–why every cannabis company needs the right set of partners
When starting out or expanding into new territory, companies often don’t have all the knowledge, skills or talents they need in-house. A well-built ecosystem provides a solid network of trusted partners that can help them thrive, guide them through sticky situations and offer them levels of expertise that fall outside their internal capabilities. RoseRyan VP Maureen Ryan and Director Chris Vane list the key principles and partners that make up such an ecosystem. Read More...

Building a strategic roadmap: 6 questions every new cannabis business needs to ask
A giant window opened up when Californians approved the adult use of cannabis. Startups and companies looking to expand are taking advantage of the opening, but they have to act fast. Maureen Ryan and Chris Vane say having a solid foundation will make the difference and explain how to get started. Read More...

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Revenue recognition playbook | Report
Finance teams face some game-time decisions. Any company transitioning to the FASB’s new revenue recognition standard is dealing with a shrinking timeline, uncertain impacts and a flurry of interpretations over what the changes mean. In this essential guide for GAAP followers, RoseRyan, rev rec coaches and finance experts Diana Gilbert and Pat Voll lay out a game plan and set up companies for a smooth implementation. Download the report

5 ways to become a superstar controller | Report
Controllers who stand out from the pack look at transactions not only through their accounting filter but consider the broader commercial needs of the company, too. This report, by interim controller Cheri Koehler, goes through the key ways superstar controllers earn their status by putting on their strategic hats and looking beyond the numbers in all that they do. Download the report

A CFO guide for managing resources | Report
Is it time to curb expenses or is it full speed ahead as the company chases after growth? Plans are always changing, making the CFO's job of managing resources a constant challenge. This report, by seasoned CFO Stephen Ambler, goes through the essentials, from fine-tuning plans and monitoring cash flow to getting the right talent and rightsizing systems. Download

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The Bay Area News Group Names RoseRyan a Winner of the 2017 Top Workplaces Award
RoseRyan’s overall organizational health earns continued recognition with the 2017 Top Workplaces award. In the small business category, the firm moves up to the 11th position. Learn more

Kathleen Ryan Appointed to Scott Valley Bank Board
Scott Valley Bank has announced that RoseRyan CEO Kathleen Ryan has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Learn more

Media Coverage

Accounting Today runs news about RoseRyan’s Top Workplaces award
Accounting Today's Firms on the Move section includes RoseRyan's Top Workplaces honor by the Bay Area News Group. It's the firm's third straight year on the list, which is based on employee feedback. Read our press release about the honor to learn more about RoseRyan's winning ways.

How to Build a Financial Backbone for Your Cannabis Company
What’s going to differentiate entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the fast-moving cannabis market? A focus on the finance and accounting side of the business will be a competitive factor, write RoseRyan vice president Maureen Ryan and director Chris Vane in a post featured on National Cannabis Industry Association's blog.

Q&A Interview with Kathy Ryan: Putting Accounting Headaches to Rest, RoseRyan Solves Regulatory Issues for Startups, Others
In this Q&A with the San Jose Mercury News, RoseRyan CEO and founder Kathy Ryan talks about the firm's success in helping hundreds of companies with their accounting and finances since 1993. Kathy highlights the midmarket as the firm's sweet spot, differentiates RoseRyan from its competitors ('we can span the whole life-cycle of a corporation') and fills readers in on why RoseRyan employs many CPAs as consultants yet isn't a CPA firm. Find out 5 things about RoseRyan's leader that you might not have known, too!