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Building a Strategic Roadmap: 6 Questions Every New Cannabis Business Needs to Ask
In his contributed piece published by Cannabis Business Executive, RoseRyan director Chris Vane explains how cannabis companies can build a solid foundation for growth by folding in six questions that address assumptions and the competitive landscape.

Don’t Go It Alone: Why Every Cannabis Company Needs the Right Set of Partners
How does a cannabis company build an ecosystem of trusted partners? Read our own Chris Vane’s answer in this article published by Cannabis Business Executive.

Cannabis Startups Can Learn from the Dot.Com Past
Cannabis Business Executive, a leading B2B media outlet in the cannabis sector, features RoseRyan's thought leadership in this contributed post by RoseRyan director Chris Vane. His piece suggests that the rapidly growing industry can learn from companies that have come before them and points to the tech sector's playbook.

Accounting Today runs news about RoseRyan’s Top Workplaces award
Accounting Today's Firms on the Move section includes RoseRyan's Top Workplaces honor by the Bay Area News Group. It's the firm's third straight year on the list, which is based on employee feedback. Read our press release about the honor to learn more about RoseRyan's winning ways.

How to Build a Financial Backbone for Your Cannabis Company
What’s going to differentiate entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the fast-moving cannabis market? A focus on the finance and accounting side of the business will be a competitive factor, write RoseRyan vice president Maureen Ryan and director Chris Vane in a post featured on the National Cannabis Industry Association's blog.

On the Move
Sunday's "On the Move" business column in The San Jose Mercury News ran news of CEO Kathy Ryan's appointment to the board of directors of Scott Valley Bank.

2.10.17 & 2.17.17
How can businesses prepare for the 2017 tax season?
In this year's lists of the largest Bay Area accounting firms, the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal included a quote by RoseRyan senior consultant Mike Ownby. Mike provides sage advice on how a CFO or controller can help a company prepare for the busy tax season. (Subscription required.)

SOX compliance costs push firms to rethink compliance strategies
Picking up on a new report about SOX costs, Compliance Week delves into what experts make of the data and what companies should expect from their auditors. RoseRyan vice president Pat Voll gets the last word in this article with a quote about how she's advising clients. In addition, the national trade outlet features an excerpt of a recent RoseRyan blog post that traces the evolution of SOX. (Subscription required.)

Heightened scrutiny, increased documentation & a harsh new normal for internal controls
In this article about the current dynamics surrounding internal controls, Compliance Week includes RoseRyan vice president Pat Voll among the experts interviewed. Voll explains that companies are requesting more dialogue during this period of heightened scrutiny. (Subscription required.)

Square-Off: Is Your Data More Secure in a Data Center or in the Cloud?'s debate column this month takes a look at data security and features four expert voices from around the country, including RoseRyan VP Pat Voll. Instead of tackling the debate's question of where data is safer, she urges readers to consider "who." Who has access to your data and what protocol do they follow? To read Voll's opinion, What's Your Move? The Big Consideration for Data Security, go directly here.

Accounting Today lists RoseRyan in MOVE honorees
Accounting Today features news about the MOVE project’s annual list of the best CPA firms for women and includes RoseRyan in its list of firms that rank the highest for equity leadership. Read our press release about the honor - we top the project’s list! (Registration required to access Accounting Today articles.)

Winning the Culture Wars: A playbook for developing a unique firm culture
In this Accounting Today article by RoseRyan's vice president, Pat Voll provides tips and guidance on how to create a winning workplace culture.

Accountants Move Beyond Number Crunching to More Profitable Pursuits
In this year’s look at accounting firm trends by the San Francisco Business Times, RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan is prominently quoted in this article about new services. The piece notes that RoseRyan has recently added a new Revenue Recognition Strategy service as well as post-IPO product called RoseRyan Day 2. (Subscription required.)

Revenue Recognition: Full Retrospective, Modified Retrospective, or Somewhere In-Between
Which adoption method will prove most popular for recognizing revenue and what do analysts and investors seem to be favoring? That's the question addressed in this Compliance Week piece that surveys those in the forefront; it suggests that the full retrospective method may have the edge to date. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert is among the experts quoted about what they’re seeing in the field. (Subscription required.)

Companies Prep for FASB’s New Take on Leases
With FASB set to issue a new leasing standard soon, this Compliance Week article looks at what companies should do now. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert notes how “pervasive” the change will be. She adds, "Anytime you bring something on the balance sheet, it has an effect." (Subscription required.)

Auditing World Braces: More ICFR Attention, Big Rule Changes
In this preview of 2016's accounting and auditing hot topics by Compliance Week, a host of experts opine on what’s expected in the year ahead. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert is quoted about new accounting requirements and vice president Pat Voll notes that the approach to internal controls is "getting a lot crisper" as the PCAOB continues to focus on it. (Subscription required.)

Revenue Standard Update: Companies Still Ducking It
Although the SEC would like to see more 2015 year-end disclosures for the new revenue standard, experts in this Compliance Week article agree that little is likely to be revealed since most companies have yet to move ahead with the transition. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert makes the points that some are reluctant to move forward with the rules still in flux. (Subscription required.)

Year-End Audits: Start Prepping for the Pain
Experts from Grant Thornton, BDO, KPMG and RoseRyan, among others, discuss pressure points for companies and their auditors in this Compliance Week article. The upshot? Not many surprises in the PCAOB’s inspection report. RoseRyan’s vice president, Pat Voll, covers internal controls in the piece, noting that, “The big push is the precision around management review controls.” (Subscription required.)

More Questions, and Evidence, on Undisclosed Control Weaknesses
In this look at PCAOB member Jeanette Franzel's presentation of statistics on control weaknesses by Compliance Week, RoseRyan vice president Pat Voll renders her opinion on what the analytics are suggesting. Since at least 2013, the SEC has been pondering the article’s same questions. Franzel, it notes, "is the first to dissect" the issue in such detail. (Subscription required.)

FASB Makes It Official on Deferral of Revenue Recognition
Accounting Today's update on FASB officially delaying the new revenue recognition standard includes a nice bit of ink about RoseRyan's newly announced Revenue recognition strategy service. In it Michael Cohn notes that the delay coincides with the firm’s new product and quotes CEO Kathy Ryan.

An Audit Preparedness Primer
This July 2015 issue Controller's Report is posted with permission from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), copyright 2015 (all rights reserved). In this article, RoseRyan consultant Julie Gilson reveals that by putting a relatively simple strategy in place for audits that controllers can avoid costly penalties and other pitfalls. Download .pdf

A Debt Is Owed, No Matter How You Want to Account for It
What happens when FASB tries to simplify? Sometimes more confusion ensues and that's what Compliance Week reports on in this article looking at debt. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert is included in the experts commenting on the situation. She notes that, "Most people get confused by it." (Subscription required.)

Top 100 Workplaces
As published in a supplement in leading Bay Area News Group newspapers throughout the region, RoseRyan has been named a Top 100 Workplace. Based on confidential employee surveys, the competition evaluated the firm’s strategy, leadership, execution, values and ethics, jobs and more. RoseRyan ranked 40th in the Small Companies category as well. See the full list of winners.

COSO Implementation Gets Gritty
As part of its ongoing COSO coverage, Compliance Week peers into implementation in this May article. Covering timing and internal controls, the update discusses fraud risk assessment and notes that RoseRyan consultant Alisanne Gilmore-Allen, agreeing with other experts, believes that many companies may require more work in this area. She states, "Companies may find some gaps in identifying and assessing the risk around fraud." And, she asks, "Are those controls formalized and tested? And do they consider risks throughout the organization?"(Subscription required.)

The Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business 2015
RoseRyan CEO and founder Kathy Ryan was named to the San Francisco Business Times' list of the Bay Area’s most influential women in business.

Tech Fraud and the Small Business
Written by RoseRyan's Alisanne Gilmore-Allen, this article in Internal Auditor magazine discusses how internal auditors can play a vital role in safeguarding their companies against costly technology-related fraud. (Subscription required.)

Industry Talk: What legal or legislative developments are changing the accounting industry?
In this Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal column featuring talking heads from around the region, senior consultant Diana Gilbert is quoted about the pending new leasing standard and what the scope of this overhaul portends for companies. We were also delighted to see her picture appear alongside her insight! (Subscription required.)

No, dating services don’t count as a business expense: Accountants target Silicon Valley fraudsters, emphasize strong controls
In a companion article to this year’s ranking news of the Bay Area’s largest accounting firms, this article by Leia Parker in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal examines the pressures that come into play for fraud to occur within companies. RoseRyan is correctly billed as a firm that works “to prevent fraud from happening in the first place” and RoseRyan consultant Alisanne Gilmore-Allen is quoted in the article as well. (Subscription required.)

RoseRyan Ranks 24 in the Bay Area
RoseRyan takes #24 in the Bay Area in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times' listing of this year's largest accounting firms. In the East Bay list, RoseRyan ranks #4. (The list is available to subscribers through the papers' digitized archives.)

The Keys to Q1 Success: You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression
This February, 2015 issue Controller's Report is posted with permission from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), copyright 2015 (all rights reserved). Written by RoseRyan guru Steve Jackson, this article provides insight for controllers on how to nail Q1. Jackson's steps and tips set controllers up for year-long success. Download .pdf

Recognize the Big Standards’ Changes
What are the big topics in 2015 for accounting and auditing? This article by Compliance Week surveys the landscape and quotes RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert who discusses revenue recognition. Gilbert sees it as a "big focus" for many companies in the year ahead.

What Controllers Need to Know About the New FASB/IASB Revenue Recognition Standard
This January, 2015 issue Controller's Report is posted with permission from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), copyright 2015 (all rights reserved). Written by contributor Anna Maria Trusky, this primer on the new revenue recognition standard extensively quotes RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert. Download .pdf

October 2014
Accounting Today honors Kathy Ryan
This year Accounting Today adds Kathy Ryan, RoseRyan's founder and CEO/CFO, to its list of Managing Partner Elite. Ryan is one of ten leaders named to the national list, which annually recognizes innovation in the field. Click through the publication's online photo gallery or read the article to learn more.

All Eyes on Internal Controls as Year-End Close Approaches
What will auditors highlight in their work that companies might want to button down now? In this round-up of audit experts, Compliance Week takes a look at the scrutiny that internal controls is expected to receive. RoseRyan’s Kelley Wall comments on revenue recognition and accounting assertions that involve estimating or forecasting. (Subscription required.)

RoseRyan Steps up to Help New Publicly Traded Companies featured an item announcing the availability of RoseRyan Day 2, the firm's new service for post-IPO companies. Managing Editor Tamika Cody's write up includes the "hot button" issues that RoseRyan Day 2 addresses and how we've noticed "that a good number of companies wane after they make their debut on the stock exchange."

FASB Wants to Streamline Rules for Classifying Debt
In this look at what a potential overhaul might mean in this area, Compliance Week surveys industry experts to see what they make of possibly limiting what counts as long-term debt. RoseRyan senior consultant Diana Gilbert weighs in and notes that FASB is also considering whether it can simplify the accounting for debt issuance costs as well. (Subscription required.)

Boost Performance using SOX
This September, 2014 issue Controller's Report is posted with permission from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), copyright 2014 (all rights reserved). In the bylined article "Use Audits to Boost Performance - and Revenue," written by RoseRyan guru Vivek Kumar, Kumar discusses how controllers and SOX professionals can team up during audits to boost performance. It also offers Kumar's tips for controllers on how to maximize the experience. Download .pdf

If I Can Learn Soft Skills so can You – and your Staff
Kathy Ryan, CEO of RoseRyan, imparts wisdom and opinions in Accounting Today about her journey in developing her soft skills over time and sage advice for others. She shares her wisdom on 5 important soft skills that accountants should focus their attention on. No, you don’t have to be born with them!

Bridging the Divide between COSO Frameworks Old and New
Companies are now examining the gap between internal controls under the old framework and the added elements of the new one. And so much more -- they are also taking a fresh look at their entire systems of internal control. Companies are working through the implementation phases. RoseRyan senior consultant Tracy Thames adds her insights about board oversight and how it is emphasized and documented. “We’re seeing companies that may not have called it out as an internal control, but they were still performing the exercise,” she noted. (Subscription required.)

Answering Some Common Questions About the New Revenue Standard
In this piece about the new revenue recognition rules, Compliance Week provides FAQs with experts to cover emerging questions. RoseRyan's Diana Gilbert is included in the mix. (Subscription required.)

New Accounting Standards Will Change How Companies Treat Discontinued Operations
Compliance Week's reporting on FASB's Accounting Standards Update No. 2014-08 asks RoseRyan expert Kelley Wall her take on the new criteria when reporting discontinued operations in financial statements. In the article, Wall discusses the new requirements and how they are now reserved for significant events. She expands by saying, "It needs to represent a strategic shift in the business. It has to be something big." (Subscription required.)

How Wheels Came Off of Hertz’ Accounting
Compliance Week's reporting on Hertz asks RoseRyan expert Kelley Wall her take on the 10.7 billion dollar auto rental company's massive financial restatement. In the article, Wall discusses the judgment calls that must be made when measuring contingent liabilities. She expands by saying, "Judgments are numerous and complex around renter obligations for damaged vehicles." (Subscription required.)

Converged Rev-Rec Standard Brings Consistency, Changes for All
Compliance Week's revenue recognition coverage taps RoseRyan expert Diana Gilbert in this news piece about the 700 pages of new rules out last week. In the article, Gilbert gets the last word, urging companies to dig in and mobilize. She adds, "For many companies, this is going to be a very big exercise." (Subscription required.)

Q&A Interview with Kathy Ryan: Putting Accounting Headaches to Rest, RoseRyan Solves Regulatory Issues for Startups, Others
In this Q&A with the San Jose Mercury News, RoseRyan CEO and founder Kathy Ryan talks about the firm's success in helping hundreds of companies with their accounting and finances since 1993. Kathy highlights the midmarket as the firm's sweet spot, differentiates RoseRyan from its competitors ("we can span the whole life-cycle of a corporation") and fills readers in on why RoseRyan employs many CPAs as consultants yet isn't a CPA firm. Find out 5 things about RoseRyan's leader that you might not have known, too!

RoseRyan Ranks 14 in Silicon Valley
RoseRyan currently holds the #14 position in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's annual listing of the Valley's largest accounting firms, ranked by full-time professionals. (The list is available to subscribers through the paper's digitized archives.)

Virtual Currencies Come With Real Accounting Concerns
Accountants and auditors at some companies are starting to explore the benefits and challenges of virtual currencies. In this Compliance Week article, RoseRyan's Stephen Ambler points to the needs of a lot of companies to hold AAA-rated securities due to their investment policies. "I'm not sure where Bitcoin fits into that, but I'm pretty sure it would never be classified in its current state as an AAA investment," he says. (Subscription required to view.)

What’s in Store for Accounting and Auditing Next Year
In this broad look by Compliance Week at 2014 and what's in store for the field, RoseRyan's Kelley Wall comments on the work entailed regarding the implementation of COSO's new Internal Control-Integrated Framework. She notes it could be a "...mixed bag whether it will be a lot of work or a little work." (Subscription required to view.)

Private company accounting changes spark debate over simplification
The FASB's move to create exceptions to accounting rules for private companies is sparking a debate over a dual set of rules, and some want more simplification for public companies, too. Private companies would be wise to move cautiously, says RoseRyan's Kelley Wall in this Compliance Week article. (Subscription required to view.)

FASB set to issue final standard on revenue recognition
RoseRyan technical accounting expert Diana Gilbert discusses the impact of the long-awaited rev rec rules in this Compliance Week article. “The new standard is designed to allow you to be more reasonable and reflect the business of a transaction, but with it comes judgment,” she says. (Subscription required to view.)

Who says finance can’t be fun?
In this Q&A with the Silicon Valley Business Journal, RoseRyan CEO and founder Kathy Ryan talks about creating a finance-themed cocktail collection to celebrate the firm's 20th anniversary, the firm's secrets to success and what she does when she's not crunching numbers. (Subscription required to view.)