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The challenge: Small businesses are in the thick of the first stage of the business lifecycle when they begin building the backbone of the business. They typically hit their first existential crisis as they try to pull together funding, a team and the product all at once. That initial round of funding can carry startups through if they’re spending wisely, but a critical missing piece could derail them: They can’t yet afford a full-time finance team. With some outsourced CFO words of wisdom to navigate the strategic business planning, hiring bursts, fundraising routines and board decisions that await them, small businesses will steer through the tough choices and beat the odds.

What small businesses need: An outsourced accounting team is a smart choice at this point, to get the accounting essentials set up, coupled with some CFO-level advice on strategic financial matters. Our seasoned pros can fill in for a long-term gig or drop in for a quick assignment. Many companies need a few hours per week to start, and then shift over time. Our aim is to help them get through the initial turbulence to the next stage of their journey as efficiently and effectively as possible. This is well travelled terrain for us—we’ve done it for hundreds of startups before, including more than a few that went on to be billion-dollar businesses. In this way, startup companies get just the right amount of financial support exactly where and when they need it.

Services we provide at this stage:

  • Outsourced accounting
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Back office support
  • Part-time CFO, controller, accountant services
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Forecasts & projections
  • Adoption of latest technologies (cloud, etc.)
  • Equity management

The special value RoseRyan brings:

  • Consistent team: the same team over time gets to know your business
  • Best practices: tried and true processes, tools and templates
  • Team approach: both strategic CFO advice and tactical accounting support
  • Adaptability: our gurus meld in seamlessly with your company culture
  • Quality work: we love to go above and beyond
  • Practical solutions: projects are scoped pragmatically (not too big, not too little)

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