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The challenge: After surviving the struggles of the startup phase, companies enter the next stage of the business lifecycle and take on a whole new wave of financial challenges. While all signs are pointing up, most of these companies are still riding a gut-wrenching rollercoaster of growing pains. In their hyper-growth mode, businesses are ramping up quickly, new demands are coming fast and furious, and everyone is crazy busy. They’re scaling and adapting processes and trying to cope with all the changes. Will they get enough funding to go the distance? When is the next product launch? How are they going to retain all those new hires? It’s a tumultuous time for sure. As the business stretches and becomes more complex, so do the finance and accounting issues they need to tackle.

What growing companies need: RoseRyan can stop the madness of the high growth situation with specialized services that match the company’s need for speed. Rather than gnashing their teeth and declaring an overload situation, financial leaders can get their financial house in order with the help of savvy pros by their side. Our dream team offers practical guidance on setting up everything you need for accurate financial reporting that will impress investors and lenders and auditors (yup, it’s time for that too). Our audit prep service lays the groundwork so companies can sail right through their first audit. Our interim services can fill any gap, whether companies need a CFO or controller, or when they need a particular area of expertise on the accounting force. They can forward their most perplexing technical accounting questions to our experts, who are on top of all the latest accounting rules and pronouncements. Plus, we advise on stock-based compensation that won’t come back to bite you. With our seasoned pros beside them, companies can keep calm amid the craziness of this growth stage.

Services we provide at this stage:

The special value RoseRyan brings:

  • Best practices: tried and true processes, tools and efficiencies
  • Team approach: both strategic CFO advice and tactical accounting support
  • Speed & agility: nimble and quick, that’s us
  • Quality work: we love to go above and beyond
  • Practical solutions: we scope pragmatically (not too big, not too little)
  • Brain trust: tap into the collective intelligence of the whole firm
  • Ready & able: we have experts who jump in to fill any gap

We really appreciate all the strategic insights RoseRyan provided us during our early days of rapid growth. There’s a lot to figure out when a company is scaling so quickly, and the RoseRyan consultants came in with calm attitudes, experience and an understanding of how to get things done. They got us moving in the right direction with insights on how to improve our processes so that we could run more efficiently, and they gave us better analytics to support our business. They went above and beyond by fully grasping where we were and where we were headed and-most importantly-how to get us there.

We were fortunate to find a great partner with RoseRyan. They are flexible in their approach, easy to work with, and we could count on their business expertise to help us move forward. They want to get things right the first time and they do it as efficiently as possible.

Guatam Gupta
co-founder and CEO, NatureBox

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