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The challenge: At this stage in the business lifecycle, companies may opt for a major, new strategy for growth by acquiring another company, merging or going for that big splash on Wall Street. Whatever transaction is in the future, the finance team has a huge amount of work to conquer and possibly a lot of options (pun intended) at its disposal. Companies need to tidy up their financial house and prepare for the bumpy but thrilling ride ahead. It is wise to bring along a seasoned pro or two with transactional experience who can wrangle the extra work and help navigate the major changes.

What expanding companies need: Our dream team can get the company’s financial house in order (a key part of the valuation) and prepare the team for the inevitable post-transaction hangover. For an IPO, we can get the S-1 in tiptop shape, craft a process so the company never misses a reporting deadline, and keep the team’s momentum going. RoseRyan gurus help companies avoid the stumbles by providing timely advice for reliable, consistent messaging that lives up to regulators’, auditors’ and investors’ expectations. And we help you on Day 2 after the IPO event, through the difficult and lengthy work of transitioning to life as a public entity. We help companies sail through the tricky integration matters that creep up when they join forces with another company. Getting input from experts who have been in similar situations and can pass along valuable lessons learned is a must.

Services we provide at this stage:

The special value RoseRyan brings:

  • Transaction experience: we’ve seen and done it all
  • Operational expertise: hands-on experts that make it happen
  • Best practices: tried and true processes, tools and templates
  • Speed & agility: nimble and quick, that’s us
  • Quality work: we love to go above and beyond
  • Brain trust: tap into the collective intelligence of the whole firm
  • Practical solutions: we scope pragmatically (not too big, not too small)

I feel very fortunate that I hired RoseRyan as early as I did before we became a public company. The quality of their work product is extremely high, and everything runs like clockwork. Our auditors have been impressed with the work they do, which makes my life easy. You’d never know they’re hundreds of miles away from us-we’re able to communicate so easily that I sometimes feel like they’re just down the hall. The RoseRyan pros handle our ongoing day-to-day accounting needs, and they’re just a phone call away when I’m looking for some guidance on a tricky technical accounting issue. Whether it’s a routine matter or something more complex, I know I have a reliable team I can lean on whenever I need it. With RoseRyan, we get access to top talent on an outsourced, remote basis, which is ideal for us at this time. The team can work from anywhere.

Liz Berecz
CFO, Nemus Bioscience

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