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The challenge: Ongoing businesses face major milestones that seem to get more aggressive every year. Many companies in this stage of the business lifecycle deal with head-spinning amounts of change at an increasingly rapid rate. The business may be sailing along with new products, infrastructure, processes and systems. And the next moment they’re up against a crisis and the wrenching call to reinvent the business. Amid the whirlwinds, it’s challenging times for the finance team as they still have to conquer the mountains of reporting, compliance and regulatory needs of normal public company life. No matter how proactive your planning is, sometimes you need some extra help.

What evolving companies need: Companies at this stage frequently benefit from trusted advisors and savvy pros who can steer them through the onslaught of SEC reporting, corporate governance, financial modeling and more. Started on your new revenue recognition strategy yet? No problem. Got a tricky stock-based compensation dilemma? Our savvy pros can help. RoseRyan can also guide you through the turbulence when you hit the wall at some point, which is inevitable, whether you need an interim finance expert, help with a restatement, assistance with reorganizing your finance team or advice for divesting a business. RoseRyan helps companies power through the difficult times, from coping with a minor hiccup to completely reinventing the business.

Services we provide at this stage:

Ongoing support:

  • Restatement assistance
  • Restructuring support
  • Change agent

Getting through a crisis:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Corporate governance
  • Financial planning and analysis

Strategic projects:

Why we’re great:

  • Experience: we’ve got accounting and corporate finance backgrounds
  • Best practices: tried and true processes, tools and templates
  • Speed & agility: nimble and quick, that’s us
  • Quality work: we love to go above and beyond
  • Brain trust: tap into the collective intelligence of the whole firm
  • Technical strength: dazzling accounting chops
  • Flexibility: available when and where you need us
  • Stability: we calm the chaos
  • Strategic thinkers: catalysts for positive change

When a large company takes on a complex transaction, like we did with the divestiture of our information management business, it requires a lot of support. The top-shelf expertise and adaptability that RoseRyan brings to the table is extremely valuable – they see the big picture and know how to best support us. They have the mental agility to quickly move from one project to the next. Their finance skills are topnotch, they’re flexible and cool-headed even during the busiest of times. The client manager took the time to really get to know us and understand our needs. The attentiveness we received made it so I could focus on the work and not worry about whether the person coming in would be a good fit. Things were moving so quickly that we needed people who could really hit the ground running. And that’s exactly what we got with RoseRyan.

Maddy Gatto
Corporate Controller, Symantec

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