Our take from the trenches on the latest FASB updates and what you need to know (webinar)
Don't drown in the never-ending set of new accounting pronouncements. We've synthesized the latest on the new FASB standards, SEC rulemaking updates, and comment letter trends for you in this fast-paced 90 minute recorded webinar. Discover the key changes with revenue recognition, the new leasing rules, what you should be doing now, and how your company may be effected. Download Slides. Watch replay...

Attracting Financing: What Does an Investor Look For?
Listen in as RoseRyan director Stephen Ambler provides the CFO perspective on what investors want to know. In this webinar hosted by Breakaway Funding, Stephen will cover investors’ areas of focus, from the moment you start trying to get their attention right up until the time you close the deal. Watch replay...

Ramping up to the New Revenue Recognition Rules (watch replay), FinancialForce and RoseRyan bring you a special 60 minute webinar for finance leaders on recent changes and how to prepare for the new revenue recognition rules. Don’t overlook the new opportunities! Minimize the time and cost of your implementation with these thoughtful insights. Don’t miss this one, featuring RoseRyan expert Julie Gilson. Watch replay...

Compliance Quicksand: Updates That May Reshape Your World (webinar)
Don’t let the shifting winds of compliance rules create any quicksand for your business. Act now and explore how to have a strategic view on the latest compliance rules changes over the past year (through June 2016). Diana Gilbert of the RoseRyan Technical Accounting Group identifies how these changes can impact your company. Take this 60 minute online course hosted by Illumeo. Register Now...

“Ask the RevRec Experts” – a Leeyo podcast with RoseRyan’s Diana Gilbert
Listen to this podcast, entitled Simplify the Complexity, featuring RoseRyan revenue recognition expert Diana Gilbert as she untangles with Leeyo hosts Matt Ream and Jim Staats what's simple and what's complex. Connect the dots with this episode: Listen Now...

Demystifying the latest major accounting rulings–What finance leaders need to know (Webinar replay)
It's time for a tuneup! Not sure about the latest accounting rules and proposals and their impact? This webinar, brought to you by RoseRyan and CLSA, helps finance executives make sense of it all. Don't miss this fast-paced, 90 minute tour through the latest FASB updates and more. RoseRyan expert Diana Gilbert, who heads the RoseRyan Technical Accounting Group, will be your guide. We'll review highlights of recent FASB rulings and what they really mean. This event is suitable for both private and public companies of all sizes. (Includes updates through June 1, 2016). Join us for this replay and you'll be in the know. Watch replay...

Realizing the dream: the daily financial close is becoming a reality (online event)
Despite all the advances in technology, closing the books still remains a process filled with stress and chaos. Learn from RoseRyan expert Susan Wong about how companies of all sizes and complexities can have an efficient and repeatable financial close. Join us to discover how to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of achieving the financial close effectiveness you desire. See a live demonstration of how Intacct’s global financial consolidation software allows companies to automate and establish direct control over global financial consolidations and close processes. This results in more capably supporting the business reporting structure and improving visibility with real-time intelligence to drive better business decision making. Watch replay...

Taming your chart of accounts (online event)
Before you let your chart of accounts spiral out of control, hear from this team for some expert advice. Got a mess to clean up? An out of control Chart of Accounts leads to inefficiencies, errors, maintenance challenges and even increased audit costs. Hear from expert consultant Kathi Varas of RoseRyan on a variety of tricky situations that might come up, why it’s critical to manage it well, followed by a live demo from Intacct on their software solution. Managing your destiny might just begin with the chart of accounts. Watch replay...

Past Events

ACG M&A Conference
Join RoseRyan execs at ACG's M&A Conference on March 2nd here in San Francisco. This summit is held annually for over 400 M&A professionals, LPs, investment bankers, attorneys, and more. Read more.

Biotech CEO Summit (Napa)
Biotech CEOs, come join a group of your peers at the second annual Biotech CEO Summit taking place July 12-14, 2016 in a beautiful spot in Napa. RoseRyan is part of the panels sharing insights that count, having deep experience in this sector. This is an invitation only event for Biotech CEO's only. Read more.

Take a strategic approach to the new revenue recognition rules
Enjoy this special RoseRyan and Leeyo webinar featuring experts Pat Voll and Diana Gilbert on the key elements of developing your strategy for moving to the new revenue recognition rules. Don’t be caught behind the curve! Sixty minutes of strategy.

2016 BIO International Convention (June 7-9)
Join us! RoseRyan is featured as part of the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) "California Pavilion" (South Hall A-C, booth #1105). This conference is the largest concentration of life sciences organizations in the world and coming to San Francisco this year! Drop in for the Reception on June 7, from 5:00-6:30pm. Email us to request a meeting with a RoseRyan executive there at the show. More about California pavilion here. Read more

April 20-21, 2016
FP&A for High Tech Summit (San Francisco)
Join us at the largest gathering of FP&A professionals to learn about innovations that are driving success. We’re sponsoring the FP&A for High-Tech Summit, a event on April 20-21 featuring the latest about financial planning and analysis processes. This year’s topic is “From Budgeting to Strategic Influence”. This event takes place on April 20-21, 2016 at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco. To register, click here.

April 4, 2016
Bizwomen Mentoring Monday
Kathy Ryan will participate in Bizwomen Mentoring Monday as a business mentor at this event powered by the San Francisco Business Times. The event will feature over 50 mentors who are some of the most influential women in the business community. These mentors provide one-on-one mentoring sessions for this special morning event in San Francisco. Read more.

March 30, 2016
Women in Tech Festival
Join us as we gather with 300 women in technology leadership roles at the Women in Tech Festival, produced by the Silicon Valley Forum. Hear Kathy Ryan, RoseRyan CEO, moderate the panel “Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!” to gain insights from women in power at fast-moving companies. This event takes place on March 30, 2016 in Mountain View.Read more.

Is your chart of accounts out of control? (recording)
When a company’s chart of accounts gets crazy, the likelihood of errors increases and so do the audit costs. Learn how small and midsize companies can set up and manage their chart of accounts to tame inefficiencies and support top business priorities. Join Suzy Buckhalter, a RoseRyan finance pro, and Linda Pinion, principal sales engineer at Intacct, as they explain how to do it right to get a clearer picture on the company’s financial performance. Register.

Smooth Sailing for a Successful IPO (recording)
Ready for high seas and big adventure? Join us for a one hour online seminar originally broadcast on August 6, 2015, with the experts to learn the essentials of you have to do to get through the supercharged period of a year or two before IPO, and the tsunami of work in the year or two after ringing the bell. Don’t lose your sanity. Our all star lineup of Diana Gilbert from RoseRyan, Matt Rossiter from Fenwick & West LLP, and Susan Berland, ace consultant and prior CFO of several companies, share insights to help you through the journey. Watch the recording.

Revenue Recognition in 2015: What Your Company Needs to Get Done
(Recording from broadcast in January 2015)
The time for digesting the new revenue recognition standard is over. What do you need to get accomplished in 2015? How do you define a plan that engages the right people at the right time and leverages the right systems to experience a smooth transition to the new standard? Join us as revenue recognition experts Steve Jackson, RoseRyan and Mike O'Brien, offer specific advice on how to successfully navigate your company’s path to adoption, and avoid potholes along the way. Watch the replay.

Analytics and data for the strategic CFO
(Recording from broadcast in January 2015)
Join us for this one hour webinar, where you’ll learn about the changing role of the strategic CFO and the challenges it brings. We’ll examine the role of data in a CFO’s success and what a data driven CFO really means. Financial leaders today are grappling with how to get control over data and demonstrate business predictability. Experts Kathy Ryan of RoseRyan and Matt Suer of Informatica share insights on this hot topic.Watch the replay.

Setting sail as a Public Company (webinar replay)
Learn what you need to know about planning and executing for the new world ahead once you've gone public. Many companies who have gone public over the last year or two are still forging ahead to tackle the vast and endless array of financial and legal requirements. Learn from experts Diana Gilbert and Dan Winnike, as they team up to share advice from the front lines. This is the recording from a live webinar originally broadcast on December 11, 2014, which you can enjoy at your convenience. This event was sponsored by RoseRyan, Fenwick & West LLP and BayBio. Download the slides. Watch the replay.

The New World of Revenue Recognition: Accounting is only the Tip of the Iceberg (Webinar)
Last May, after more than a decade in the making, revenue recognition rules got a major overhaul and every company will be impacted. Hear from expert speaker Kelley Wall in this Proformative webinar (originally broadcast on September 25, 2014) why it is important to move forward with the cornerstone decisions which form your company’s revenue recognition strategy. The new revenue rules can impact several facets of a business as many companies will need to design and leverage new processes and systems to ensure compliance. Compliance with the new rules will require significantly more data collection, analysis and documentation as principles based rules do not offer companies the option of relying on authoritative rules guidance. Learn what you can do to avoid a bumpy ride. View the webinar

Best practices in understanding & increasing your company valuation
RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan joins Assay Founding Partner Adrian Bray to uncover the science of increasing company valuation. This webinar, originally presented in October 2013, identifies key factors that affect a company’s valuation, helps you set strategies to take valuation beyond the benchmark and covers how basic financial practices can impact valuation.View the webinar

Powering your business with QuickBooks
Too busy managing your business to get your small business finances into QuickBooks? Check out the CFO Learning webcast “Powering Your Business with QuickBooks,” led by RoseRyan guru Cindy Nathan. Learn how to get your accounting up and running swiftly and easily, and create meaningful financial statements from the moment your system is set up.View the webcast

Compensation for private companies: the ins and outs of equity
Do you have the right things in place to motivate the troops and founders? Are you struggling with how much love to share around? Stock-based pay can be critical for attracting and retaining top talent. Find out what to use and when, and the financial impact of your choices. Download the slides from this special live seminar with BayBio held on Feb. 26 featuring experts Kelley Wall of RoseRyan and Kyle Holm of Radford.Download the slides

No longer business as usual: Critical changes in investment and IP strategy for Life Sciences
Join us at this meaty full-day event sponsored by our friends Foley and QB3. Financial advisors, life sciences executives, thought leaders, and attorneys will present four panels providing insight into landmark business, regulatory, and legal changes affecting the industry—and how life sciences companies can address them .Get details

Optimizing your liquidity event: Practical advice from the trenches
Join RoseRyan, Foley & Lardner, Goldman Sachs, and NeoPhotonics at this free live seminar to find out how to maximize the profitability—and minimize the pain—of your future IPO or M&A. Our panel of experts will give you practical advice for managing your processes, avoiding the primary deal killers, preparing your financial accounting and reporting, and creating employee incentives while avoiding tricky equity situations. Watch the video.

Equity compensation: End-to-end strategies for private companies
How you design and execute your equity compensation plan has significant impacts on your business, including talent retention, market valuation and readiness for growth. During this one-hour seminar cosponsored by RoseRyan and Radford as part of the QB3 Entrepreneurs’ Discussion series geared to life sciences businesses, RoseRyan CEO and CFO Kathy Ryan and Radford associate partner Kyle Holm will show you how to set your company up for success and avoid common stock pitfalls. Get details.

Business of personalized medicine summit
If you are a life science company looking to find out which business, legal and regulatory issues will affect business growth, R&D and performance in the new era of personalized medicine, the inaugural Personalized Medicine Summit is the place to be. RoseRyan is a sponsor of this daylong conference in San Francisco, co-hosted by Foley & Lardner and the Personalized Medicine Coalition. Get details.

Sources of Capital in Today’s Market
Rejoice: capital markets are again robust. Learn how to take advantage of them with RoseRyan consulting CFO Chris Kondo and four other experts at this Financial Executives International Silicon Valley breakfast program. Topics include finding the right financing partner, figuring out your best equity options and using debt with new business models. Get details.

IPO Bound? New Strategies, New Ideas and Tips for Success
Moving down the track to an IPO is not for the faint of heart. There are myriad requests and complex requirements—and now with the JOBS Act, companies face even more decisions. At this free live seminar, legal, audit and accounting experts deliver straight-from-the-trenches advice on what it takes to get your IPO right. Speakers Kelley Wall of RoseRyan, Matt Taggart of Ernst & Young and Dan Winnike of Fenwick & West LLP share insights. Watch the video.

Equity Compensation: End-to-End Strategies for Private Companies
How you design and execute your equity compensation plan has significant impacts on many areas of your business, including employee retention, market valuation and readiness for an exit event. This free live seminar will show you how to set yourself up for success, avoid common pitfalls and plan for an M&A deal or IPO, with legal, HR, accounting and industry perspectives. Watch the video.

Winning Strategies in Life Sciences conference
RoseRyan’s Diana Gilbert will speak on mergers and acquisitions at this free, daylong conference produced by Foley & Lardner. The program will cover such topics as big pharma M&A, valuation strategies, global IP protection and wireless health care applications. RoseRyan is a key sponsor. The event will take place at the UC San Francisco Mission Bay campus. Get details at the Foley & Lardner website.

Valuation Metrics and Drivers in Today’s Economy program
Experts from RoseRyan, Assay, Foley & Lardner and Silicon Valley Bank will demystify the valuation equation and help executives of emerging companies understand market variables, business model economics, and analysts and investor perspectives; develop a valuation strategy; build value across the organization; and avoid mistakes and deal breakers.Watch the video.

Aspirations 2012
RoseRyan IPO guru Kelley Wall is participating in a panel on avoiding pre-IPO financial reporting mistakes at the Aspirations 2012 conference on equity compensation for professionals at private companies that are planning a liquidity event. Watch the webcast here

BayBio 9th Annual Entrepreneur & Investor Roundtables
Going to BayBio’s Entrepreneur and Investor Roundtables? RoseRyan gurus will see you there (we’re a sponsor). This exciting event connects life science entrepreneurs with investors, providing early-stage companies with access to capital markets and giving investors a first look at innovations. Get details at the BayBio website.

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Gala
This year’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® regional winner will be announced June 2 at the Northern California Awards Gala at The Fairmont San Francisco. The annual program, which RoseRyan sponsors, recognizes entrepreneurs for innovation, financial performance and commitment to their businesses and communities.Read the list of finalists.

Seminar: XBRL: It’s Time to Get Real
Get accounting, legal and audit secrets from the trenches in this RoseRyan breakfast seminar that will set you up for XBRL success with concise, practical advice and plenty of real-world examples from presenters Lucy Lee, RoseRyan; David Lynn, Morrison & Foerster; and Natalie Zimmer, Ernst & Young. It will be held 7:30–9:30 a.m. at the Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto.Download the presentation PDF.

Women of Influence Awards
We’re excited: Kathy Ryan, our fearless CEO, is being honored as one of 100 Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. The awards dinner is being held 5:30–8:30 p.m. at the Fairmont in San Jose. Come meet Kathy and other amazing Silicon Valley leaders. For details, see the Business Journal website.

Webinar: Quick Guide to IFRS and XBRL
RoseRyan XBRL guru Lucy Lee provides guidance with Proformative CEO John Kogan and CPA Sunil Thukral in this free webinar that covers how companies are making the transition to IFRS and what technology hurdles they face to implement automatic reporting standards. One CPE credit is offered. You can get the archived presentation on the Proformative website (registration required) or watch the video on YouTube

Webinar: Implementing XBRL for SEC Reporting
This free webinar at noon (PST) Jan. 11 will include a discussion of SEC observations and guidance, common errors, mapping, extending and tagging, quality control and validation plus important updates about the 2011 taxonomy. Presenters: Lucy Lee, RoseRyan, and Gregg Saunders, Lead Taxonomist, XBRL US. View the webinar and download the presentation from the XBRL US website.

2011 Year-End SEC Conference
RoseRyan’s Lucy Lee will discuss lessons learned from the first and second years of XBRL, with SEC updates, best practices and more during her session on day two of the SEC’s annual conference, which provides accounting and report updates for public companies. The event is Dec. 15–16 in Marina Del Rey, California. The program is also available via live webcast. For details, see the Center for Professional Education website.

RoseRyan seminar: IPO in your future? Get it right!
Join RoseRyan, Ernst & Young and Fenwick & West LLP for practical, straight-from-the-trenches advice on what it takes to get your IPO right. You’ll learn the do’s and don’ts at key stages and get legal, finance and audit perspectives on how to get your house in order, tell your business story, nail your S-1 and hit your runway. Attendees may receive 1 CPE or 1 CLE credit. When: 8–10 a.m. Dec. 7, Fenwick & West, Mountain View. Cost: free. Read more

2011 Year-End SEC Conference
RoseRyan’s Lucy Lee will discuss lessons from the first year of XBRL, with SEC updates, best practices and more during her session on day one of the SEC’s annual conference, which provides accounting and report updates for public companies. The event is Dec. 5–6 in East Palo Alto. RoseRyan clients interested in getting a VIP discount may e-mail Eve Murto. The program is also available via live webcast. For details, see the -Center for Professional Education website.

2011 Year-End SEC Conference
RoseRyan’s Lucy Lee will discuss lessons from the first year of XBRL, with SEC updates, best practices and more at a breakout session on day two of the SEC’s annual conference, which provides accounting and report updates for public companies. The event is Nov. 17–18 in Phoenix.Read more

Webinar: Implementing XBRL for SEC Reporting
This free, introductory-level session at noon (PST) Nov. 16 will help preparers implement XBRL reporting by covering SEC guidance, mapping, tagging, quality control and validation, and updates about the 2011 taxonomy. Presenters: Lucy Lee, RoseRyan, and Campbell Pryde, president and CEO of XBRL US. View the webinar and download the presentation from the XBRL US website.

Cleantech Open 2011 Global Forum
Connect with entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders; see demonstrations by the 21 U.S. regional finalists; watch the awards presentations; and learn about the 120+ cleantech companies at the expo. Stop by and visit with RoseRyan at our sponsor display. The Cleantech Open Forum is Nov. 15–16 at the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose. Get more information and register Email Chris Vane to find out about our work in cleantech finance and our support of the Cleantech Open. Get more information and register.

Emerging Technologies Conference: A Focus on Financing
Lean budgets. Limited IPO exits in uncertain markets. Shrinking venture capital. Hypervaluations for megastars; mediocre values for most others. The path to financing in today’s economy can be uncertain and out of focus. Despite these challenges, funding opportunities still exist. Join Foley & Lardner LLP, RoseRyan and others at Silicon Valley Bank (Nov. 10, 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) for a series of panel discussions advising technology company executives, investors and advisers on how to position a company for financing. RoseRyan’s Chris Kondo will speak on commercial financing. Learn more and register.

New Accounting Issues Facing Technology Companies
RoseRyan guru Maureen Earley reviews the practical implications for technology companies of several new accounting rules introduced in 2011. This free program takes place from 4 to 5:15 pm at Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara; a networking reception follows.Learn more.

Managing Risk—Accounting and Currency Issues for Life Sciences Companies
RoseRyan guru Maureen Earley and Wells Fargo economist Nick Bennenbroek tackle two topics affecting biotech and medical device companies: new FASB accounting rules and managing foreign exchange risk. This free seminar takes place from 8 to 10 a.m. at Wells Fargo Insurance Services in San Carlos. A light breakfast will be served.Learn more