Corporate governance

What’s the right level of internal controls to put in place, so that you are SOX-compliant, get accurate financial reports and run your business like a well-oiled machine? RoseRyan can help you through it all with ease. Our experienced gurus have worked on hundreds of corporate governance engagements for both public and private (pre-IPO) companies.

Our corporate governance practice includes:

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance (SOX) (for public companies)

Our experienced SOX team delivers the goods. We are swift, and efficient, causing minimal disruption as we test internal controls. We communicate well with your auditors and know how to frame the issues. We can handle project management, scoping and risk analysis, controls design, testing, assessments and remediation assistance . Our work shines so fine, that your external auditors are bound to rely heavily on it. So that helps lower your overall cost of SOX. Now that rocks!

Financial integrity (for private companies)

Every business counts on reliable financial statements for essential business decisions. Plus they are essential for your valuation if IPO or M&A activity is in the cards, The RoseRyan pros get you ready and into tip top shape. We analyze your processes and assess your risk of financial misstatements, and then help put processes in place that streamline workflows and build reliability. We document your financial process flows to identify inefficiencies. And what’s the result? An efficient finance operation with timely, accurate financials for your company.

RoseRyan gurus are the best in the business in corporate governance, which means you get the benefit of best practices and years of experience.

RoseRyan is a trusted partner that knows how our business runs. We have a high degree of confidence in their capabilities. The consultants are up to date on the latest rules and regulations, know how other companies are dealing with those rules, and can adapt their approach to our needs. They go far beyond the compliance exercise of SOX to consider the greater effects on the team and the company. I enjoy working with them because they’re so collaborative-they always ask questions to truly understand a situation before taking action.

Brian Hogan
VP Finance
Genomic Health