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Live and learn: Passing on wisdom from the tech sector to the cannabis sector

By Maureen Ryan and Chris Vane | April 18, 2017

The pressure is always on. In Silicon Valley, we’re accustomed to tech startups moving at the speed of light to get their innovative products to market. All while fending off tough competition, being careful… more

SOX is ever-evolving: 5 ways to shore up your controls program

By Pat Voll | April 11, 2017

Talk about mixed messages. The new presidential administration wants what they consider “costly and unnecessary regulations” wiped out. At the same time we have continued pressure by regulatory agencies to strengthen and improve internal… more

Culture and innovation trailblazers—how 5 companies are defining a new path

By Tracey Hashiguchi and Lauren Kershner | March 28, 2017

There’s nothing quite like working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Innovation is happening all around us—and as consultants, we get to see it in person every day working with our clients. Tomorrow’s must-have apps… more

Tales from the front lines in CFO and controller recruiting—what’s expected these days

By Stephen Ambler | March 7, 2017

A CFO who is good at financial integrity management but struggles with assessing situations and being visionary won’t be a CFO for very long. I see CFOs facing this challenge in companies of all sizes,… more

5 tips for finding financing with the right investors

By RoseRyan | February 22, 2017

Companies are under the microscope from the moment they attract a key investor. “Potential investors are making assessments and determinations throughout the whole process—not just right at the start,” RoseRyan director Stephen Ambler warned during… more

Round of applause for Salena Oppus, winner of RoseRyan’s TrEAT Award

By RoseRyan | February 9, 2017

Efficient, reliable, respectful and inspiring—those are a few of the words that immediately spring to mind when describing senior consultant Salena Oppus, the recipient of this year’s RoseRyan TrEAT Award, which honors the guru on… more

How to amp up your year-end disclosures for the revenue accounting changes ahead

By Diana Gilbert | January 31, 2017

It’s always healthy to take a fresh look at your disclosures and discussions in your annual reports. Situations change, boilerplate language doesn’t always cut it, and changes in accounting policies make it a necessity. This… more

Top 5 financial mistakes that startups make—and how to avoid them

By Michelle Hall, Tracey Hashiguchi and Chris Kondo | January 4, 2017

The odds are tough for any startup. The business model is unproven, and the shift from prototype to product can take awhile. It’s all-hands-on-deck, which can be rough going when the team is so small.… more

Falling off the rails? 6 tips for a smooth transition to your new accounting system

By Suzy Buckhalter and Ron Siporen | December 13, 2016

The next time your company undergoes an accounting system switch, will it make your team soar or fumble?

Of course, we dream of success and no one predicts failure when taking on a bigmore

Sports and digital technology: When industries collide and amazing things happen

By Stan Fels | November 29, 2016

Tech companies are in the business of transformation. They have the ability to transform something we do every day (like how we communicate) and transform entire businesses (back to the business-model drawing board for some… more

Wrangling the evolving enterprise: How finance steers the company through boom and bust

By Maureen Ryan | November 1, 2016


The sound of a large public company hitting the wall can be deafening—i.e., a front-page news story or a radical stock drop. Or it may occur slowly, almost silently over time, perhaps from stealthy… more

Private equity having a bang-up year: recap of the Western M&A/Private Equity Forum

By Chris Vane | October 5, 2016

Optimism wasn’t on the official agenda of the Daily Journal’s recent Western M&A/Private Equity Forum, but it was definitely a common theme throughout the event. Major legal players in the PE industry gathered at… more

Rethinking revenue and realizing opportunities in the new rules

By RoseRyan | September 28, 2016

It’s game time. Deals your company is making now could be affected by the new revenue recognition standard, and the effective date will be here before you know it.

This is why it… more

A defined culture and a clear strategy: How the two are a “winning” combo

By RoseRyan | September 21, 2016

Here’s a tip about growth (we have many up our sleeves): The smartest strategy ever won’t work if the company’s employees are unclear about the execution plan and don’t hum as a team.

At some… more

Without the right tone at the top, you could be encouraging fraud

By Theresa Eng and Michelle Perez | August 31, 2016

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. A top executive of a public company suddenly resigns. This person had bypassed the company’s processes and procedures to move forward with a huge transaction that really… more

SOX compliance evolves: What’s worked so far and what’s still out of whack

By Pat Voll | July 28, 2016

When SOX was first invented, we all struggled to figure out what companies were supposed to be doing, and what auditors were expecting to see. All this happened while the auditors were trying to follow… more

What’s your move? The big consideration for data security

By Pat Voll | July 21, 2016

RoseRyan VP Pat Voll recently weighed in on a recent debate that posed the question “Is your data more secure in a data center or in the cloud?” CFO published her bylined article alongside othermore

Going dark: What it means and why it might be a smart move for your company

By Terry Gibson | July 14, 2016

What happens if your public company decides to “go dark”? If you are in the military or in covert operations of some sort, this slang term means you have ceased all forms of communication—probably to… more

Conquer complexity: Get briefed on the latest accounting updates

By RoseRyan | June 21, 2016

In the accounting world, the rules are ever changing. Large in scope and long awaited, the new rule for recognizing revenue continues to get clarifications in the months leading up to its effective date. The… more

Superstar controllers need technical chops and so much more

By RoseRyan | June 14, 2016

Job interviews with controllers—whether you’re in the hot seat or the one asking the questions—are getting broader these days, as the role of the controller and expectations around it have escalated. Just as today’s CFOs… more