Audit support

Audits require equal parts nuance, diplomacy and blunt force. We know because we’ve been there, elbows deep in everything from complex, multiyear extravaganzas with long-neglected books to relatively straightforward affairs (yes, they do exist). We’ve seen it all from both the auditor and company sides of the fence, so we know what auditors look for and we get your business perspective.

Whether you need someone to assist your audit team or be the team, manage the process or resolve complex technical issues, RoseRyan can help. We provide:

Pre-audit assessment
We’ll set you up for an efficient, no-surprises audit by:

  • Planning the audit, start to finish
  • Identifying areas requiring judgment (like reserves) or likely to draw scrutiny or require time-intensive reconciliations, such as accrual calculations, assets, capitalization, equity and related-party transactions
  • Identifying fixable issues (equity instruments, stock compensation, revenue recognition and more)
  • Preparing for special tax-related requirements, including R&D tax credit support

Audit preparation
We can help you read auditors’ minds and avoid back-end errors by:

  • Preparing schedules the way auditors like to see them
  • Fixing identified problems—before auditors walk in the door
  • Identifying (and finding) needed supporting documents

Audit fieldwork
We keep the audit moving, minimizing onsite disruption, interpreting auditors’ sometimes puzzling requests and tackling any technical challenges that arise.

Financial statement preparation
When its fieldwork is done, the audit team will want to review and test your financial statements. We save you time and auditor fees by:

  • Preparing financial statements, including cash flow and equity roll-forward, plus the footnotes, along with all supporting documentation
  • Helping you speedily answer technical questions that arise from partner and Securities and Exchange Commission reviews
  • Completing your GAAP disclosure checklist

I was delighted to have a senior player from RoseRyan join us to help us get ready for our first audit. We were able tap into her expertise from working with other life sciences companies as well as the strength of the dream team behind her if she ever needed additional insights on technical accounting issues. Not only did she provide excellent work, but she fit in very well with our team and gained their trust quickly. RoseRyan did a great job all around and saved us valuable time.

John Schembri
VP of Finance
Global Blood Therapeutics