About RoseRyan

RoseRyan is a nationally-recognized finance and accounting consulting firm that delivers specialized firepower exactly when and where it’s needed. We’ve helped more than 700 companies of all kinds and sizes since 1993, receiving accolades for leadership and innovation along the way. And we are ranked among the top firms of our type in the Bay Area. While we focus on tech and the life sciences, we can help companies in any industry overcome a remarkable array of finance challenges throughout their lifecycle. Whatever stage you’re at and whatever milestone you’re approaching, we can get you through it.

Our dream team can help your team or be your team. We help at multiple levels — as leaders and trusted advisors we can provide strategic guidance, and as savvy accounting pros we can handle the tactical details. We thrive on a good challenge! Our seasoned pros seamlessly meld into your organization, tackling assignments with expertise, gusto and maturity. Our dream team’s know-how is extensive, with each RoseRyan guru typically having 10 to 20 years of experience, and many are Big 4 alums. The dream team brain trust is up on the latest rulings, leanings and regulations. And because of our unique combination of both industry experience and public accounting backgrounds, every problem we solve (or project we take on) is steeped in operational savviness. We’re also known for our friendly attitude and collaborative spirit that leaves big egos at the door. We lean on our collective experience and wisdom to solve the most vexing financial issues.

And no matter what we’re doing, we embrace our firm’s core values, of being trustworthy, valuing excellence, being an advocate and acting as a team. Cornerstone values like these, along with hard work and common sense, continue to propel our growth and customer loyalty. This all adds up to unbelievable value for our clients. So whether your business is a mature public company, a fledgling startup or anything in between, you can count on us. We’ve handled chaos, crushing deadlines, hyper growth, pre- and post-IPOs, the most complex accounting issues, crazy messes, tricky transactions and more.

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